SafeLink GPS Tracking gives your loved ones their freedom and independence!


We all have someone we deeply care about, someone who are vulnerable – elderly parents or relatives, individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia, children, teenagers and those with learning difficulties. We all know someone who could benefit from SafeLink.

SafeLink is an assistive device, helping just those people to stay independent, give them more freedom. Not only can SafeLink locate the wearer within minutes if they are lost or fail to return home, it can also raise an alert if they have an emergency and need your help.

SafeLink is for seniors. It increases safety for the elderly, promote independent living, and ultimately lead to a healthier life style.

SafeLink is also perfect for children and teenagers. As long as your child wears a SafeLink, you are able to keep an eye on them, keep them safe, even if you are not with them. They can be located within minutes. With GeoFence feature you will be alerted within just a few minutes if your child has gone somewhere they shouldn’t.

SafeLink is a passive and discreet GPS device which summons an effective and immediate response when help is needed.

Your loved ones get the freedom and independence they want. You get the comfort of knowing that SafeLink is watching over them when you can't.

Find out how SafeLink can give yourself peace of mind and how to protect the people you care about most.



We are an Ottawa based Canadian company.





Locate Me:
Perhaps the most important feature of SafeLink service. Running 24/7, so you can locate your loved ones, anytime, anywhere.

Protecting your loved ones around the clock,  GeoFence is a virtual area of any shape and size. SafeLink will notify you, as soon as the wearer leaves the area. SafeLink keeps an eye on your loved one, so you do not have to. Available only on TR-203. 

SOS button:
Emergencies, big or small, no matter where the wearer is, press the button, you will be notified within a few minutes along with location information.

Tailing Mode:
Temporarily boost the update interval to 1 minute for 30 minutes. This will bring you much closer to the wearer for easier retrieval.

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