The Challenge Of Wandering Dementia....


Before scientists can put a stop on this wandering issue, from the root, the only option we have is to wait. However, it doesn't mean we have to suffer, losing our mind, stress ourselves out, or even breaking our hearts. There are two solutions to this challenge: lock them up, or keep an eye on them. When we simply cannot keep an eye on him/her 24x7, so far, the only option is to lock him/her down. That is.....until we created our personal tracking solution. With our small discreet trackers, we can help you in keeping an eye on him/her 24x7. You will always know where he/she is. This is about the best thing could happen, right next to going with him/her yourself. What is better, the solution is very affordable! It certainly cost you much less than a lock-down unit in nearby care facility, or hiring someone following him/her 24x7. And it is very simple to use!


1 Real Time Tracking Web Application

  • Full U.S and Canada Coverage
  • View from computers, or mobile devices, or both
  • Notifications (Virtual Fence, SOS, low battery etc.) are sent to up to three cellphones
  • No contract! month to month with fixed monthly fee
  • Simple, clean, and user friendly interface
  • Bringing location information in real time to you from your tracker
  • Unique tailing mode temporarily boosts update interval to 1 minute for 45 minutes
  • Smart filters reduce false alerts to nearly zero

2 Great Trackers To Choose From


  • Durable construction
  • Time tested reliability
  • Various wearing options
  • 24x7 continuous tracking
  • S.O.S button
  • Advanced Geofence, any shape, any size



  • Device: $169.99
  • Service: $18.97/month



  • Satellite collaborated clock
  • Trackable watch you can put sleeve down!
  • Do not support geofence and S.O.S
  • Long standby time



  • Device: $199.99
  • Service: $26.99/month

3 Get Your Relief Today!


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