Troubleshooting Guide



Why am I seeing a green circle instead of the normal blue dot?

A: When the wearer entered into a building where no GPS signal available, we use nearby cell tower that the unit is connected to as a reference point, giving you an estimate area where the wearer is mostly like in. Hint: the wearer must be inside of a concrete building within 5 minutes of distance since last know good point.


Why my 2G tracker (TR-203) appears to be dead (cannot even charge it)?

A: if you have left your 2G pager unit (TR-203) for an extended period of time without charging it, the unit may have been totally depleted. In such a case, you can place the unit on charger then use a pin to push into the pin-hole right above the power button (on the right of the unit) to bring it back.


My watch unit does not provide proper date/time. Why?

A: often when you turn it on after a long period of off time, the unit has lost track of time. Simple leave it outdoors or near a window for a few minutes, it will provide you with correct date/time again.