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8 thoughts on “Feedback Appreciated

  • I got my guy to wear his SafeLink by telling him that it makes me feel better when he wears it and if he gets lost I will be able to find him. He said okay, sounds good.


  • I tried Direct Alert GPS watch first. But it was too big for him and bothered him. I returned it. Then I got yours by his case manager.

    It works good with him. Because of using Pager Style. And I put it into his shoulder bag. Some time he plays with it. And push HELP bottom even he doesn’t need. May be he thinks what is it? That is little trouble. But it happens one time. It is good now. I made many different memo in his bag, or attached GPS,every where.

    I am quit happy with this device. Thank you.


  • I agree with Michiko and had the same experience. The watch was not for us. It was too big and bothered him. We have had much better luck with the pager which, except for requiring recharging, is ideal. We have it attached to his keys and he never goes anywhere without them!

  • I attached the pager to a metal chain and then put it around my mom’s neck like a necklace and then loop it through her bra strap and then tuck it into the side of her bra. If she finds it she can’t figure out how to un-loop it so she can’t take it off. It proved its worth last week when I had to search the neighborhood looking for her!!! So glad she had it on!!

  • I make sure Mom reatttaches Safelink holder case to her walking stick after her walk.

  • I was happy to have found this device for my mom who has Alzheimers and wish that I had thought to look for one much sooner. She never really took to using it but I think it was because she was too far along in her journey to get accustomed to wearing it. I would recommend that anyone with dementia have a gps device as early as possible so it becomes part of their routine. It allows for so much independence and peace of mind for them and for their family.

  • A smaller device, perhaps.
    The tracker able to be used on a key ring, would be nice.

    The less a “senior” is tracked , is better

    Great product

  • The SafeLink worked very well on my wife and it was so easy to find her.
    Thank you.

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