PG-88 Operation Guide

(Please note, this is for an older model. current watch model is SL-12, this operation guide doesn’t apply)

Operating mode:

To maximize the battery life, the screen will go off, when no operation detected within a few seconds. To wake up screen, please press a button.


The battery can be charged in as little as 2 hours. For the first 3 times, however, please drain the battery completely before charge. Each charge should go no less than 5 hours to ensure the battery condition is optimal.

Turn on/off:

on: press and hold the power button until the unit screen is light up.
off: press any button to light up the screen, then press and hold the power button until the unit start shutting down.

Adjust Time/Timezone

Please note: the clock on the watch should *not* be adjusted. It is the timezone settings we need to adjust. The reason behind this is that the watch syncs with atom clocks from the GPS satellites. This is need to produce the most accurate geographic coordinate possible.

To access the timezone settings, please follow the steps below:

  1. if the screen is currently off, press any button to light up your screen. if the screen is already on, please skip this step
  2. press the orange button once (phonebook should show up on the screen)
  3. press “tel2” the button (bottom right button) to get to “settings” screen
  4. press “tel2” button again to highlight “phone settings”
  5. press “orange” button once more (phone setting screen)
  6. press “orange” button again (time and date)
  7. press “orange” button again (set time zone)
  8. press “tel1” (top right button) to go up or “tel2” to go down. use them to highlight the current time zone in your location. For a complete list of timezone in Canada, please refer to the list below. In most cases, you would be ether going up an hour in spring (sample: GMT-5:00 -> GMT-4:00) or going down an hour in fall (sample: GMT-4:00 -> GMT-5:00).    *it doesn’t matter if the city is incorrect, as long as the timezone (GMT-hours) is current, your watch will display correct time.
  9. press “orange” again to select
  10. press “power” button (up left button) several times until you are back to the initial screen.

Standard time zone (winter) offset against UTC time

  • Newfoundland Time Zone: -03:30
  • Atlantic Time Zone: -04:00
  • Eastern Time Zone: -05:00
  • Central Time Zone: -06:00Mountain Time Zone: -07:00
  • Pacific Time Zone: -08:00

In summer, most part of Canada observes Daylight Saving Time which adds 1 hour from the standard time offset listed above. For example, if you are in Ontario, in winter, your watch should be set to -05:00; in summer, it should be set to -04:00. If you are in an area that observes Daylight Saving Time, you may need to adjust your timezone twice a year.

Make/Receive calls:

Note: The default SIM does NOT support voice calls.

If you have a voice activated SIM. The unit is able to function as a cellphone.

To make a call, press any button to light up the screen, then press and hold one of the speed dial buttons (tel1 or tel2 on the right side of the watch) until the screen showing the watch has started dialling the number.

To accept an incoming call: when a call comes in, your watch will ring like a normal phone. The screen will also look like below. Press “accept” button to accept the call.

Insert SIM:

If you decide to supply your own SIM, you may do so. Please ensure the SIM you acquired for the watch is from a GSM provider. The unit supports all four major GSM frequency bands around the world. In Canada, you will need to get a SIM from Rogers. The SIM *must* support data. Although the watch will use only 1MB per month, but Rogers is normally not flexible enough to sell just that amount. Their entry plan for data is 500MB and sell for $30/month. You will also want to some sort of voice and SMS plan to enjoy the true power of this device. Below are specs you need for your SIM:

1. GSM SIM (mandatory)

2. minimal of 10MB/month of data (mandatory for tracking)

3. SMS (250/month is plenty for this watch)

4. Voice (depends on your usage)

5. must not locked. If there is a pin, please remove it with another cell phone before inserting into the unit.

To install SIM, slide to open the back lid of the watch, remove battery, put SIM into its slot.