Current Model Operation Guide (SL-12)



SL-12 is very easy to use. Please keep it charged. We recommend to charge it on daily basis. The charge port is at the left side of the watch (see below). For the very frist time, you may charge it for 4 hours. Normally you would need only an hour or two to fully charge the unit. You may turn on the unit as soon as you see the screen light up (a battery is displayed).

Please don’t drain its battery completely, this will cause battery damage, shorten the life span of the unit!





Normal Operations

This watch has only two buttons on the right side of the unit. Top one is power button, button one is for calling (disabled by default). Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on. Please note, you cannot turn off the unit. This is to ensure the wearer does not accidentally turn it off. If you need to shut it down for an extended leave, you can just leave it, it will shut down once battery is lower than 10%.

Please keep the unit away from water or excessive moisture, as that could damage your watch.


Adjust Time

If you need to adjust time on this watch, please log onto our tracking application via a computer, and update the timezone information under contact tab. Make sure your device is on, it may take up to 2 hours to take affect on your watch. Please make sure you select the right timezone of where the tracker will be used (not where you are).