TR-203 Operation Guide


Power LED:

Off: fully charged (while charging)

Red: battery low

Yellow: charging


Flashing (blue): Receiving GPS signals


Flashing (green): Sending/receiving via cellphone network

Power on/off:

Press and hold the power button until the unit vibrate. It takes approx. 1 minute to be fully operational after turned on.

SOS Button:

Press and hold the SOS button (approx. 3 seconds) until it vibrate. The unit will calculate its current position, then inform your family member/caregiver that you need help, along with its current location. This process may take up to 5 minutes, before they receive the notification.

Water proof:

The unit is built to operate in wet environment. However, it will break if you submerge it into water.

GPS accuracy:

The unit provide an accuracy within 2.2 meters or 90% of times. It is a full GPS unit, uses Cell-tower coordinates only if there is no enough GPS signals in sight, such as indoors.